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Beauty formulas - snail facial mask - PAL Price BDT 121 Product Details: • two-step treatment • 1 Sheet • Made in UK • Beauty Formulas Snail Regenerating Facial mask is a two-step treatment. • This mask includes a regenerating serum and a sheet mask to be placed on top of the serum. How to use: Step 1 – the regenerating serum is formulated with adenosine and collagen and designed to be applied directly to the face to begin the treatment. Massage the serum evenly across the face to allow it to begin working straight away,targeting the dry areas of the face. Step 2 – the specially designed snail facial mask is shaped so that it can follow the individual contours of each person’s face. The mask is enriched with snail extract and will lock in the regenerating serum. Combined with its own blend of effective ingredients the mask will work to replace moisture across the whole face.

Beauty formulas - snail facial mask - PAL

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