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Product Description: About the product: Charming and sexy female body! Moisturizing and smoothing body cream for charming women. Smooth and seductive skin. Tender and moist skin attracts looks. Do you want to make your body beautiful and sexy? Slender legs. Thin and delicate arms. Sexy neck. Smooth and beautiful skin complexion. Smooth and beautiful back. The cream will make your skin soft and silky, you will be confident in your irresistibility! Your body requires attention! Smooth and beautiful skin! Increase your self-confidence! Silky and moisturized skin. A moisturizing concealer for the body skin. The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, rejuvenates and makes the skin smooth and elastic: Moisturizing. Nutrition. Concealer. Elasticity. Beautiful skin. Natural pearl. Chestnut butter. Provides extra moisture to the skin, makes the skin smooth. Pearl powder. Natural pearl powder nourishes and improves the skin. Hyaluronic acid sodium. Provides long-lasting moisturizing to the skin, making the skin smooth and soft. Natural and beautiful skin. Use the cream in any situation: shopping, date or walk. This cream is ideal for improving the skin for a special occasion! Back. Arms. Feet. Legs. Breast.

BIOAQUA Pearl Delicate Silky Body Cream - 180gm

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